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If you like games, you love Team Fortress 2 , which features beautiful visuals and fast-paced gameplay — and some rather fetching hats. Team Fortress has been around for a while now, and with good reason — it's one of the most popular multiplayer games around, combining addictive gameplay with great humour and a distinct cartoony visual style. Choose your character type — from soldier and spy to medic and engineer — then duke it out in classic game modes like capture the flag and king of the hill or more unusual affairs like payload and control point.

As we noted in our roundup on the most essential software for , Team Fortress 2 helped lay the foundations for the current free-to-play trend that is so popular within gaming right now. When unwrapped, the gifted items have a bonus description showing who sent the gift and the time unwrapped. Also introduced in the Mann-conomy Update is the Mann Co. Store, which lets players purchase various items with real money including money from the Steam Wallet. Along with most weapons and cosmetic items normally found in random drops or crafting, players can purchase unique Tools, bundles, and other special items.

Players with Free accounts could also upgrade to Premium accounts with any purchase. Outside of the community marketplace, the Mann Co. Store is the only way to get all variations of the Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys which is commonly used to unlock Crates and earn special items. Along with previewing cosmetic items on base class models, players can also "try out" any weapon provided they aren't "New" to the store for one week, temporarily adding the weapon to the player's inventory.

Portions of purchases of community-contributed items go towards the creators of those items. Players can also purchase "Map Stamps" to contribute to the authors of community maps which give a special effect to a certain cosmetic item when the map is played. Since the game's initial release, Valve has made numerous updates to the PC version, adding a wide variety of new features, gameplay mechanics, UI improvements, and content. Players who want to experience the original unpatched version of the game can only officially play it on the version included in the console Orange Box releases.

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The major updates are usually accompanied by a series of web pages on their main site that details all the important changes that the update makes. These pages are usually comical, feature either a special comic or animated short, and detail most of the game's backstory and secondary characters including Saxton Hale and the Mann family. Hats are a popular collectible item in Team Fortress 2. They range in popularity and rarity, and the number of hats in the game has been increasing in recent updates due to the involvement of the Team Fortress 2 community.

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Below is a list of all the hats in Team Fortress 2 that can be equipped by any class. Miscellaneous items fit in cosmetic slots on the loadout screen, just like hats. Below is a list of all the miscellaneous items in Team Fortress 2 that can be equipped by any class. Valve seems to have a penchant for agonizingly lengthy development cycles; the gap between the first two Half-life games was 6 years.

According to Valve staff in the game's commentary, TF2's delays were the product of ideas that failed after significant time had been invested in them. The first screenshots make TF2 look like an attempt at a realistic modern combat simulator. This was the initial intent, but this idea was scrapped in favour of a more light hearted style way late as far as most developers would be concerned.

The Valve team have also spent a huge amount of time looking into a shooter that incorporated a commander for each team who had some form of overlord viewing angle and the ability to give players on the ground information and orders. The idea was tested and redesigned countless times, but there was no way to guarantee that both the commander and the fighters would both have fun in any given game; the possibility of a poor commander or lousy squad members messing up the whole experience weighed too heavily on Valve and, after all the invested time, they abandoned the idea completely.

There were many other detours on the way to making TF2 the game it is today, and Valve has a blog open that sort of regularly posts messages about such things as well as in-progress update news. The art style in Team Fortress 2 was drastically changed from that of the original, which strove for the appearance of military realism. By contrast, TF2 has a comical, cartoon-like appearance, with characters having deliberately humorous taunts and exaggerated animations. Ever wondered what The Incredibles would look like as a class-based first-person shooter?

TF2 is your answer. Valve constructed the models and architecture of TF2 using the Source Engine, their in-house development platform and graphics engine, but made several major modifications to the shader system along the way. The reflections in Team Fortress 2 all have a more rubbery look to them, even on the characters. This causes models to have more defined silhouettes even in darker locations, an effect intended to improve the readability of other players during combat. The classes themselves were built explicitly to be identifiable and easy to recognize immediately at any distance to prevent confusion; this has contributed considerably to the ubiquity of the game's characters in internet chat rooms as well as encouraged the Valve team to make a number of "Meet the Team" videos starring the individual characters.

The individual classes now, as a result, have personalities and characteristics that are fleshed out to a degree never attained by a multiplayer shooter. Despite the cartoonish feel the game displays, this should not be interpreted to mean technical laxity; the "Meet the Team" videos are all done with the in-game engine and speak for themselves if you need convincing on this point. With the release of the Engineer Update on July 8, one hundred " Golden Wrenches " were randomly handed out to players to replace their Engineer's regular wrench. In his words it has "served as a source of constant inquiry, hate, jealousy, and unwanted negative attention.

Along with him, 7 other Golden Wrench owners stepped up do destroy their item as well. Needless to say that mark has been overstepped. The wrenches were destroyed on August 31, Which resulted in a "worldwide" notice to every TF2 player currently playing on a server, just as when a Golden Wrench was found during the 3 days of the Engineer update. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Episode Giant Bombcast It's Somewhere! Video Meet the Pyro. Objective-Based Conflict A prize too great for one man alone. The Class System Class select screen. Wave Respawning Another way TF2 encourages teamwork is in the respawn system. It can be upgraded twice, once replacing the machine gun with dual gatling guns and once adding a quad-barreled missile launcher on top. Upgraded Sentry Guns also have more "health" and more resistance to the Heavy's Minigun.

Despite having great knockback power, Sentry Guns can not perform Critical Hits. A portable resupply locker known as the Dispenser that slowly provides an endless source of health and ammo to nearby teammates. A later update for the Steam version allows the Engineer to upgrade the Dispenser twice, increasing both "health" and dispensing efficiency. Two Teleporter nodes a Teleporter Entrance and a Teleporter Exit that quickly bring a teammate from one area to the other before recharging.

Players can get "telefragged" by enemies by standing on the Exit node as they teleport. Teammates cannot teleport while holding the Intelligence. A later update for the Steam version allows the Engineer to upgrade both nodes simultaneously twice, increasing both "health" and recharge time. To help position himself behind the enemy, he uses two special devices: A Disguise Kit, which allows him to disguise himself as a player on the enemy team in a chosen class. This prevents enemy players from drawing their attention towards him as long as he doen't act in a suspicious manner.

Firing his Revolver or using his Knife removes the disguise automatically. He can also disguise himself as a player on his own team, confusing his enemies for a short time. An Invisibility Watch, which allows him to cloak himself for nine seconds or until he manually decloaks. His cloak meter, which tracks how much cloak he has remaining, is either refilled from ammo sources or slowly over time while not cloaked.

If a cloaked Spy takes any damage, or bumps into an enemy player, the cloaked Spy becomes slightly noticable to any players that see him. Game Modes Control Point All Control Point modes involve the objective of controlling designated "control points" scattered throughout the level. RED wins if at least one of their points are uncontested at when the timer reaches zero, while BLU wins if they take control of all points. RED cannot recapture points at any time. Arena - Added in the August 19, update. Players fight each other in full-out team deathmatch with no respawning and a disabled neutral control point in the center of the level.

If members of both teams are alive after a minute, the point becomes available for capture. Rounds end once either the point is captured or a team is fully eliminated. Health kits are rare forcing players to rely on Medics and Dispensers. The first player to earn a kill gets a five-second crit boost known as "First Blood". Some players are forced to sit a round out if the teams are unbalanced. King of the Hill - Added in the August 13, update. Players fight each other over a single neutral control point in the center of the level.

The control point is locked for a short amount of time at the beginning of the round. Teams have a three-minute countdown clock seven for Ghost Fort , which can only count down if they control the point. If the team's countdown clock reaches zero and the other team is capturing the point, their clock is put into "Overtime" which they can only win by fully reversing the capture or recapturing it. Rounds end once a team's countdown clock reaches zero with no "Overtime". Capture the Flag In the traditional symmetrical Capture the Flag mode, players must attempt to steal the enemy's intelligence briefcase in the enemy base while preventing the other team from doing the same in their base and bring it back to their "Intelligence Room".

Mannpower - Added for early beta access in the December 22, update and made official on the October 28, update. Same as normal Capture the Flag, only with the addition of a Grappling Hook action item, multiple powerups scattered throughout the map, and traditional CTF flag scoring in which the Intelligence must be returned prior to capturing.

Dropped flags return after a small timeout window which does not refresh until its returned or captured. Mannpower Powerups Agility - Increased movement speed, jump height, grapple speed and weapon switch speed.

Haste - Double firing speed, reload rate, clip size, and max ammo count. Increased movement speed. King - Increased max HP, firing speed, and reload rate. Regenerates health. All effects apply to nearby teammates. Knockout - Restricts to melee and grappling hook. Increased max health and damage 4x damage to buildings. Melee hits knock victims away and drops their carried flags. Immune to pushback. Plague - Touching an enemy gives them and their teammates the "plague", which make them bleed to death in 10 seconds unless they replenish health through a health kit or regen cabinet.

Precision - Reduced bullet spread. Immune to distance damage falloff. Sniper rifles have quicker re-zoom and deal double damage. Blast weapons have a higher clip size and faster projectile speed. Reflect - Half of incoming damage is reflected back to the attacker all damage if the attacker is a Sentry Gun.

Increased damage resistance and max HP. Regeneration - Regenerates ammo, health, and metal. Resistance - Halves incoming damage. Strength - Double damage. Supernova - Using the grappling hook's secondary fire, discharge a blast that stuns nearby enemies pushing them away while dropping their powerups.

One time use.

Team Fortress 2 on Steam

Vampire - All damage dealt is returned as health. Payload Added in the April 29, update. Payload Race - Added in the May 21, update. A symmetrical version of Payload, each team has their own dedicated cart and must push theirs while preventing the other team from doing the same.

Team Fortress 2 with Mac: Episode 1

The first team to reach the final "terminus" first wins. Carts can not slowly roll backwards, and there are no checkpoints. Levels may be split into multiple checkpoint "stages" with wins in the early stages giving a slight advantage to the final stage. Other Since the game's release date, Valve has introduced in rare occassion game modes that are used only for one or two maps. Mann vs. Machine A cooperative horde mode where the Red and Blu teams unite to fight off waves of robots produced by Gray Gravel Co. Training Added on June 10, , Training is a special single-player game mode designed to teach new players the basics of Team Fortress 2.

This mode is split into four parts, each done consecutively in a special map : Soldier Training - Players are instructed basic movement and then the Soldier's basic weapons against both wooden targets and live targets. Afterwards, players are transported to a special version of Dustbowl , where they are instructed on both the rules of the Capture Point game mode and the functionality of some of the special classes.

Demoman Training - Players are instructed about special situations with the Demoman's basic weapons including stickybomb detonation ranges. Spy Training - Players are instructed on the Spy's special functions cloaking, disguises, sapping, and backstabbing. Engineer Training - Players are instructed on each of the Engineer's buildings and special functions building, upgrading, hauling, destroying. Official Maps While the initial version of the game only included six maps each in their original game mode , the Steam version added dozens of new maps both by Valve and by members of the game's mapping community.

Packages that include this game

Initial Maps 2Fort CTF - Based on the oldest and one of the most iconic maps in the Team Fortress franchise, 2Fort has two almost-identical agricultural facilities with secret bases deep in their basements separated by a bridge over a stream of water with an alternate path underneath. Because of the long passages between the entrance of each "fort" and the Intelligence, this is one of the easiest CTF maps to defend on.

It was later used in Training Mode. A special Arena version was released on August 19, as one of five maps to introduce the gamemode, focusing on the center control point moving the spawn areas closer to each team's second point. Hydro - The only official map using the Territorial Control TC game mode, Hydro is a very large industrial hydroelectric power plant split up into six "territories".

Teams start with three territories each two "main" territories and one "base" territory and must attempt to control every main territory Radar Dish, Power Plant, Dam, and Warehouse through multiple two-point Control Point rounds set on sectioned-off areas of the map, with one point representing a territory. Rounds end once a team captures the other control point or eliminates the other team in Sudden Death both cases giving them the territory.

If the defending team maintains their point when the game's timer reaches zero, they are given one of their territories back. This map is the first to have deadly instant-kill hazards high-speed trains that travel through the two middle tracks in the neutral building. The map later received a CTF version on January 25, as the first official post-release map and an Arena version on August 19, , introduced with the gamemode. The CTF version replaces the neutral building in the center with a smaller shed and one track instead of two , while the Arena version focuses solely on the trainyard.

The map later received an Arena version on August 19, , introduced with the gamemode and a King of the Hill version on April 14, , the Hatless Update , both focused on the center control point. Spy Update. Spy Update , Pipeline introduced the Payload Race game mode and its three-stage layout. It is also the first official map to take place at night. It later received a standard Control Point version on January 19, , known as "5Gorge" and was one of the first maps used to test Mannpower CTF on December 22, , using the 5Gorge version , which was officially released with the game mode.

Hightower PLR - Added on July 8, Engineer Update , Hightower has a single-stage layout with both carts' paths ending with platforms known as "hightowers". Each hightower requires a player on the same team to stand on it for it to slowly rise. If nobody is capturing the hightower, it drops back down. Once the hightower rises to the top and the other hightower is not being captured , the cart detonates. Uses the three-stage layout. The first stage was later used for Mannpower CTF testing on March 12, and was officially released with the game mode. Uses the single-stage layout. BLU must capture two control points in any order outside of the keep before the gate opens and the final point is made accessible.

If the final point is uncontested after one minute, the gate closes and the first two points must be captured again. As the only official map using the Medieval Mode settings, players have a restricted loadout allowing only melee weapons, bow-based weaponry, and some special secondary gear , drop small health kits on death, can enable third-person perspective without requiring cheats, and have special text chat rules making it resemble "Ye Olde" English.

It was later used as one of the first maps to test Mannpower CTF on December 22, and was officially released with the game mode. Doomsday - Added on June 27, Pyromania Update , Doomsday is the only official map other than its Halloween equivilent using the Special Delivery SD game mode, as players must pick up a neutral flag an "Australium" briefcase spawned on one side of the map's center for their team and bring it to the launch pad of a large space rocket located on the other side of the map's center.

As long as the player with the Australium stays on the launch pad, the pad slowly rises to the top of the rocket similar to "hightowers" in Hightower. The team wins once the launch pad is fully risen and the player puts the Australium case in the top of the rocket launching it up into space, maybe.

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Players on the opposing team must kill the Australium carrier and let the Australium return back to its initial point so they can have a chance at grabbing it. Asteroid - Added on July 8, in beta form , Asteroid is the only official map using the Robot Destruction RD game mode and is located on two opposing space bases located on an asteroid.

Players collect Power Cores by destroying defenseless enemy robots located throughout the enemy base to automatically power their team's Reactor. Robots regenerate after a short period of time. Players can also sneak back to the far side of the enemy base and steal the enemy Reactor Core waiting as enemy points are deposited to the Core, leaving them open for enemy defenses and attempt to capture it. The team that reaches a certain amount of points first although a countdown allows enemy players to steal a Core wins the round.

This map is currently unfinished. Beta Maps program, Cactus Canyon is a two-stage desert-themed Payload map where the BLU team must guide their payload cart to a set of train tracks in which one of the passing trains must collide with it to detonate. Unlike all previous Control Point maps, this map is more densely-packed and only uses three control points. Brickyard PT - Added on August 18, in beta form , Brickyard previously known as Warehouse introduced the PASS Time game mode, in which players must pick up the Jack an explosive ball dropped at the center of the map and throw it in the enemy goal.

While carrying the ball, the player receives health regeneration, a temporary speed increase, and the ability to see teammates and enemies through walls. Players cannot attack while holding the Jack and can only throw it either by lobbing it or by "passing" it by looking at a teammate and "locking" on to them. Players can also "steal" the Jack from enemies using melee attacks.

It was officially released on the Meet Your Match update with the game mode. Freight CP - Added on April 28, Standin CP - Added on July 10, Summer Event , Standin is unique in that all three capture points are neutral from the start and can be captured at any time. The team with all three points captured and uncontested wins the round.

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A special themed version of 2Fort , set at night, in which the two forts are converted into makeshift research facilities studying alien technology. Small alien pods are scattered throughout the map, which can be shot at to explode similar to Pumpkin Bombs on Halloween event maps.

Set in a farmland scattered with unfinished barns, Byre features a death ray in the middle that attacks a UFO at the end of each round. The map is unique in that there are two control points that must be captured instead of one and both control points are unlocked in the beginning of the round. Set in a farmland at night being invaded by aliens, this map features static alien drones that are spawned in at regular intervals that can be shot at to explode similar to Pumpkin Bombs on Halloween event maps.

Also at regular intervals, a large UFO appears above the control point and begins abducting players near it. Players in the UFO gain a temporary mini-crit buff, but begin to slowly lose health from suffocation until they reach their team's teleporters at the other side of the ship, teleporting them back into the battlefield with full health. Watergate - Added on October 6, Invasion Update , Watergate set in a sea-side port is the only official map using the Player Destruction PD game mode, as players must collect bottles of beer from dead players and deposit them into a small UFO regularly flying around the center of the map so that its pilots become drunk and crash into the mothership outside the battlefield.

All players spawn with one bottle each and cannot deposit their own bottle and drop all of their collected bottles either manually, by running into a respawn area, or on death also causing them to drop their own bottle. The non-Spy player with the most bottles on each team becomes the team's "leader", which allows them to dispense health and ammo to nearby teammates at the cost of having an outline marking their location for both teams through walls.

Machine Coal Town - Released in the Mann vs. Machine Update. An old desert mining town and museum. A special event version of the map, named "Ghost Town" , was released on October 26, and added one mission Caliginous Caper in a new difficulty Nightmare. A test of endurance, this version of the map is one very long wave "Wave " with zombies instead of robots and a timed respawn on the bomb. Decoy - Released in the Mann vs. An abandoned desert town crudely altered as a decoy Mann Co. It's very addictive to me, and to some of the friends I've met. I have a few friends with over hours played each.

No such thing as DX Very boring game in my opinion. The original was okay. I definitely appreciate TF2, but I get bored playing it. CaptainAhab13 Found something Thanks anyway though. How is there no such thing as dx81? Because it's free and super fun.

The Jungle Inferno Update

I still enjoy TF2 because it has good balance between classes, fun gameplay, and very few hackers. I don't play as much as I once did, but a few times a week still here and there. And there's no leveling up which I think ruins alot of online FPS's. I played it for about a month when orange box first released It's simple and undemanding with a good sense of humour. It's the only MP game I actually enjoy. CaptainAhab13 What? Another useless post from a useless contributor I agree. It's overrated. I'd definitely say TF2 is a pretty unique game within this "run, shoot, die, kill, and repeat" genre.

CaptainAhab13 How so? I like it because it is fun to play, has a good art style, and 9 different professions make it so it never gets boring because you can change it up. I personally like playing Spy the most. Bring back the main forum list.