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Cover art To some, cover art is an irrelevance. The fix is to find the artwork yourself, and save the image with one of the following names in the album folder: coverart albumart cover Cover folder Folder The images can be in either PNG or JPEG format with the usual file extensions,. Multi-artist compilations Scroll down the list and it gets worse — my library is totally disorganized: We can see an album has been split by its track artists. Multi-disc albums Multi-disc albums are those where the album contains multiple media in one of the release formats, such as multiple CDs. Setting bliss up bliss is a bit different to the other music taggers I mentioned.

We want to use canonical album names. As the missing cover art rule is fully automatic, that missing cover art is filled in for us: The Atlantic Soul album is marked non-compliant; not only is the disc number not part of the canonical album name, but the overall album name is incorrect too.

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Multi-artist compilations

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Create account. Reset password. July 3, at am Stuart Scott Participant. Does anyone have experience with Filemaker Go? Would that be a good solution? I use Filemaker Go extensively for a non-music database, in combination with Filemaker for Mac. It also is just a bit trickier to sync between devices.

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If you are comfortable with that, then Filemaker is great. If not, then I recommend Bento, which is the slimmed down version by the same company. It is less flexible, but much easier to set up and use, and syncing is very easy. The desktop version of Bento is also much cheaper than Filemaker. July 3, at pm Derek Turner Participant.

The LibreOffice suite, whch includes both spreadsheet and database applications is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems and is free and open-source. July 4, at am Jean Sturm Participant. They are arranged in the order we bought them, and we have them all in a big Excel spreadsheet so they are sortable and searchable. The excel file started out as a temporary solution as we outgrew Church Musician and wanted to look for new software. We would like to get more of the Wenger cabinets, but money is an issue.

We have a big, 2-sided rolling cart with about 60 numbered slots "the choir cart" where the choir binders are kept. Each week, they are processed by the music secretary to put in new music, and take out old music. During Christmas and Easter we add a second binder to the slot so their binder doesn't get too heavy. We do allow members to take their binders home to practice, but not to keep any music.

The music is all numbered, and inventoried going into and out of each binder to make sure we don't lose copies. So, so funny Marc - thanks so much - I have no idea what those things are, but I'm going to find out. Well, I do know what an excel spreadsheet is, but I've never had a choir in a parish that didn't give me a hard time about buying anything except the basics. You have quite the system, I must say!

Is the music secretary paid or volunteer? It's always a problem to get choir members to organize their own binders - so that's impressive. Randolph Nichols May Posts: The longer you are in this business the more you appreciate the need for an efficient, user-friendly choir cataloguing system. Always create a catalogue binder that you can carry with you. It is also most practical to distinguish works by voicing. Throughout my career, I always kept four-voice and less than four-voice works in separate listings; that is, the hard-copy catalogue always was divided so I could have immediate access in an emergency.

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  7. When filing scores it can be beneficial to use color coding for folder and cabinet labels. If for example you have a tradition of doing special musical events for Christmas, having easily distinguished Christmas folders and cabinet drawers is really a time saver.

    The secretary is a paid position, though I've known many choirs to have a volunteer choir librarian who would spend a day or a half-day each week organizing binders and music. The more of that you can accomplish outside of rehearsal, the more time you can spend on music-making.

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    Leslie May Posts: 2. If you have a small choir, you probably don't want to read this. We have from 40 to 50 members in our chancel choir at any given time. We have an extensive library. There are at least 10 5-shelf units of boxes of anthems alone, plus Masterworks, Collections, as well as handbell, organ, and service music. Anthems and Masterworks are kept in labeled, black Gambel now we use Valiant boxes in order by alphabet letter in the format A