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It's been So long since i've done a celeb Look for Less type of post! I decided to do a full face look with only drugstore products as well! I hope One of my Valentines Day looks this year, so obsessed! It will launch on the 23rd February My favourite shade in the palette was the Copper colou red eyes hadow, so I decided to base the look around that colour.

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Luckily for me, I have Brown eyes which suits all shades of eyes hadows - so I'm definitely a fan of this makeup look. Please hit subscribe to see more tutorial s using a vast range of Hey, guys! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! Get your lashes before they are sold out!

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It feels so good to be back, I missed you guys! Feels kinda weird to be back filming, sorry if I look awkward haha! Thank you for being patient with me, and now that I'm back - it's a perfect time to sit and chat about what I've been loving at the drugstore! Hi guys! This is a super dewy, glowy, luminous makeup look that incorporates taupe eyes , big lashes and dark plum lips!

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Thanks to Smashbox for working with me on this video and providing you guys with a special giveaway! Thumbs UP for !! Comment below your New Years Resolution! Any Eye Lash glue works! If your camera only has an SD slot, you can still use a microSD card in it.

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